Keep Your Dog's Valuable Information Handy on Your Own Computer!


Are your dog's medication records and immunization records scattered all over?  Maybe, you have been looking for a better way to keep up with all the details regarding your dog? 

Click here to download Dog Record Pro! 

You are in luck!  We have put it all together for you and it is free.  No charge.  All we ask is that you join our mailing list and get great information sent to you about once a week.  Good solid information laced with a little humour along the way.  We will also make sure you are advised of any new developments in the world of dog health as we go along.  We are dog breeders ourselves, so this is a subject we do know about.  Here are a few screenshots of the software...

screenshot 1 small

 Above, this is the software as it appears when you open the pets section.  Notice the tabs near the top.  This section has several pages to contain all your information plus online access to websites with additional dog information.

screenshot 2 small

 Above, the photo and markings page.  Essential if your dog is lost. 


screenshot 3 small

Above, your list of dogs will grow as you enter information.  This screenshot shows only two dogs.  Click on any entry to go either view or edit the file.

 screenshot 4 small

Above, you see the full featured calendar planner that comes with the software. space here

 Click here to download Dog Record Pro! 

screenshot 5 small

Above, the software comes with an advanced charting and reporting system. Start by naming your new report or chart.

screenshot 6 small 

As above, a  section for keeping up with your friends and business contacts. 

Dog Record Pro is yours free of charge when you sign up for our free Dog Pro Tips mailing list.  Click here to download Dog Record Pro! 



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