Real Estate Trader Pro

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Would you like a system to make your job easier and faster?

A system that would enable you to spend your time making money instead of keeping records and mailing?

Real Estate Trader Pro can automate your real estate business!

Real Estate Trader Pro is loaded with features. Our Prospects module makes it simple to enter any names and other information for people you are either already dealing with or those you plan to. You can enter them manually or load up a .csv formatted list you already own.

The Properties module is ready for all the information you can gather for each property in your inventory or hope to buy or sell. The module details addresses, names, contact information, property descriptions including not only the physical details, but financial, repairs needed, closing costs and much more. There is a place to record comps and images as well.

Your product will be delivered electronically at no extra cost.  You will receive an email with the download instructions.